Grinch wear Green Day
about 1 month ago, Clarksville Elementary School
Cindy Lou
Clarksville Schools Emergency Drill was rescheduled for tomorrow, November 30th. There will be police and fire units participating in the drill.
2 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
The Clarksville School Emergency Drill has been postponed. The police are currently involved with an issue in the community. The schools were on soft lockdown as a precaution for a brief time. There was no threat to the school. The buildings have returned to normal operation.
2 months ago, Chase Carter
Monday, November 15, @ 6:30PM, in the Jr high library, the school board will review and accept public comment regarding the district's Facility Master Plan.
3 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
Facility Planing
Parents: Clarksville Schools Needs Your Help... For more information visit our website!
4 months ago, Clarksville School District
COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic- Clínica de Vacunación COVID-19 When: Tuesday, August 24, - El 24 de Agosto 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 Where: Clarksville School District Fine Arts Center Lobby Who: Staff and CSD Students Age 12+ - Personal y Estudiantes Mayor de 12 Años. Register:
5 months ago, Clarksville Junior High
The Clarksville School Board voted unanimously to enact a mask mandate for all students and adults while indoors at school or school activities and on school transportation. Masks will not be required outdoors or when actively participating in athletics or band. The board will reconsider the mandate at its regular September meeting.
6 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
The application period for Clarksville Virtual Learning has been extended to August 13. You may visit for information and to apply. Space is limited and enrollment will close on 8/13. If you have questions, please call your building principal.
6 months ago, Chase Carter
Tonight's Regular School Board meeting, July 19th, will start at 6:30 PM. The meeting place has been moved to the Middle School Library.
6 months ago, Clarksville School District
Due to the Governor's announcement lifting the mask mandate, we wanted to remind our parents that we will continue our mask policy until the end of this school year. This was decided by our school board at the March meeting.
10 months ago, Clarksville School District
Information on Arkansas Run for the Fallen from Mr. Jeff Marshall: Tomorrow 19 March 2021 Stops will be: 27 LCPL IRVIN M. CENICEROS Old Clarksville High School Fri 3/19/2021 12:30 PM 27A SSG HESLEY BOX JR Clarksville Junior High School Fri 3/19/2021 12:40 PM 27B SGT WILLIAM W. BUSHNELL Clarksville Elementary School Fri 3/19/2021 12:50 PM 27C SPC DUSTIN C. FISHER New Clarksville High School Fri 3/19/2021 1:00 PM Mile marker 27 is one some of the staff like to attend as he was a student at Clarksville School District. These are estimated times, typically it's 10 minutes plus or minus.
11 months ago, Clarksville Junior High
The Clarksville School Board voted to accept the recommendation, of the district's Ready for Learning committee, to continue our current mask wearing policy till the end of this school year. The committee expressed concerns that lifting the mandate might jeopardize our state testing with a COVID-19 outbreak. The Governor has indicated that he will lift the mask mandate on March 31, if conditions are still favorable. This is still a fluid situation and changes could occur before the end of the school year. We will update you here if changes occur.
11 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
COVID-19 update
The Clarksville School District became aware that a group of students intended to meet at a location off campus and attach flags to their vehicles so that they would be prominently displayed as they drove onto the high school student parking lot. Due to the complexity of policing these items and the safety concerns that arise from such activities, the administration does not allow any flags to be flown from vehicles on school grounds. Our legal understanding of this matter is that if a student is allowed to prominently display a flag on their vehicle, regardless of the meaning behind the flag, we would have to allow everyone to display a flag of their choosing. We are here to provide a constitutionally mandated, free and appropriate education for all of our students. We are not here to inspect or referee issues that arise when students are allowed to rig flags to their vehicles.
11 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
Follow the link below to see our swim team in action at the 4A-1A Arkansas State Swim Meet in Texarkana.
11 months ago, Clarksville School District
Clarksville buses will resume normal routes this afternoon 2/22/2021.
11 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
Bus routes that will not run tomorrow 2/22/2021. Students on these bus routes that cannot make it to school on their own will continue with AMI/ Remote Instruction. Bus 1-CR3222, CR3251 Bus 8-CR3450, CR3456 Bus 12-CR4100, CR4200 Bus 30-Country Club Road west of golf course
11 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
Clarksville Schools will return to on-site instruction tomorrow morning, 2/22/2021. Some bus routes will be modified due to road conditions. Bus route info will be posted later this evening. If you cannot safely get to school please call your school’s office and advise them of your situation so that accommodations can be made.
11 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
Expect an announcement Sunday afternoon regarding Clarksville school closure/ opening. More thawing must take place to safely operate buses on our secondary roads.
11 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
Clarksville Schools will remain closed to on-site instruction until further notice. Please stay safe out there! Your principal and teachers will provide more detailed instruction concerning school work/ AMI.
12 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins
Clarksville Schools will not have on-site instruction tomorrow 2/16/2021. Continue with AMI/ remote instruction tomorrow.
12 months ago, Dr. David Hopkins