Beta Club

58 CMS Beta members attended Beta Competition in Hot Springs last week Jan. 18th to represent our school. We are very proud of all their hard work. 

2nd place - Brian Kremers - Around 60 schools across the state participated in this competition, so this was no small feat.

2nd place - Woodworking - Denny Fetters - The competition was unreal in this category. 

2nd place - Lendee Morgan and Ethan Buchanan - To hear her sing, and to hear him play their piece is an experience, not just a performance.

3rd place - BETA BAND - These guys gave up after school time, 4th period recess time, and practiced on their own A LOT, and I am beyond proud of them. They came together as a group of TWENTY to perfect a piece called Calypso Morning, and the judges apparently were impressed as well.

5th place - Service Learning Project - We had 12 Beta members contribute to a tri-fold board that shows what they have learned through serving this year, and showed what we had done since convention last year.