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The Clarksville School District will hold its Annual Public Meeting At 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 19, 2020 in the Jr. High School Media Center. All parents...

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The Clarksville School Board will meet in special session on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 6 PM in the Jr. High School Media Center.

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Dr. David Hopkins

Dr. David Hopkins

3 days ago

The following changes are ONLY for "Blended Fridays:"

This week will bring our third “Blended Friday.” We originally stated we would run regular bus routes for the first two weeks, in order to determine the number of buses, and bus stops needed to provide for the students electing to come on-site for the blended virtual day. After observing the first two Fridays, we will no longer make door to door bus stops. Instead, the following changes will be made to bus stops, and pick-up and drop-off times.


West Part of District—Bus #36 Crosswoods/Kountry Kitchen (Big parking Lot off Hwy. 64)

South/Central Part of District—Bus #39 Clarksville Medical Group (North side parking lot across street, McKennon St.)

Northwest Part of District—Bus #43 U of O Gym (North side of parking lot on Buchanan St.)

Northeast Part of District—Bus #44 Soccer Complex (Parking lot off Hwy. 164 behind Green Source Recycling)

East Part of District—Bus #46 Atwoods (Parking lot off Rogers St.)

The morning bus stop times for ALL locations will be 7:30 a.m.

The afternoon bus stop times for ALL locations will be 12:10 p.m.

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Dr. David Hopkins

Dr. David Hopkins

14 days ago

Tomorrow, October 9th, will be our first Blended Friday. Students have the choice of staying home and working virtually, or coming to school to work virtually. Buses will run as usual. We do encourage our students to work virtually from home when possible, but if you need to send your child to school that option is also available. Teachers will be utilizing this time to catch-up on lesson preparation and grading.

**You can order meals for Virtual Fridays!!
Meals need to be ordered by 9:00 a.m. Friday and may be picked up at the Junior High in the bus lane at the awning between 11:00 and Noon.
Click the link below to order:

Clarksville School District

Clarksville School District

21 days ago

Clarksville Food Service Information Concerning Blended Fridays




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Clarksville School District

Clarksville School District

21 days ago

The Clarksville School Board recently approved a change to the district’s Ready for Learning Plan. The change creates a 4+1 blended schedule. This means Monday through Thursday will be school as normal, but Friday will be a blended-virtual, and on-site day. The first blended day will begin Friday, October 9th.

“Blended Fridays” give parents/students the option of learning from home or school. Students who choose to learn from home on Fridays will not be counted absent. Instruction on blended Fridays will be 100% virtual. These are catch-up days for teachers and students: there will be no new content taught or major assessments given.

This change is being made primarily to help ease the burden on our faculty. We have listened and we trust the feedback received from our teachers: the amount of work required with our current model of instruction is not sustainable. Blended Fridays will give teachers protected time for the added tasks that have come with this unusual school year, and are designed to bring relief to everyone: parents, students, and staff. This is a hard time for all of us. We hope this will help.

Meals will be provided to all students that choose to attend school on blended Fridays. Pickup meals will also be provided for virtual students. Buses will continue to run regular routes for the first two blended Fridays. However, starting on October 23rd, bus stops, routes, and times will be changing. We will provide updates on the busing adjustments.

To see the Ready for Learning Plan, click on link below.

For further explanation, click video link below.

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Clarksville School District

Clarksville School District

24 days ago

The Clarksville School District uses a messaging service to produce mass phone calls. Mass phone calls from Clarksville School District will come from the following phone number: 501-712-2633. You may wish to add this number to your phone’s contact list.