Free Resources
For Students and Families who meet the requirements of Migrant Education, there are many resources available!

Services We Can Provide:

  • Free School Meals: Migrant students are categorically eligible for Public Law 108-265 Richard Russell School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act. The Cooperative provides certification of eligibility to the school.
  • Family Assistance and Support: The Migrant Education Program provides a support system to assist families in receiving basic needs and meeting emergency situations through collaboration and referrals with other agencies.
  • Health Services: Limited services are available for students including vision/hearing screening, wellness checkups, blood pressure, dental, eyeglasses, doctor’s visit, and prescription.
  • Migrant Tutor: With sufficient enrollment, the Cooperative will reimburse the cost of a tutor (full or half time) to provide supplemental instructional activities for migrant students.
  • Preschool Packets: Packets contain age-appropriate books and educational materials for preschoolers.
  • Educational and Personal Care Packets: Packets of school supplies, dictionaries, educational materials, hygiene products, etc. are provided for youth as needed.
  • PASS Courses: Free independent study courses designed specifically for mobile migrant students in grades 9-12 allow students to stay on track for graduation. Grading and record keeping is completed by Northeast Cooperative personnel.
  • Moving Up Arkansas - Summer School: Allows migrant qualified high school students in grades 9 – 12 the opportunity to work on credit accrual leading toward graduation. This is a three-week residential school operated by the Migrant Education Program and housed on the Arkansas Tech University campus.
  • Math MASTERS: summer school
  • Extended Day & summer school at the local level as funds are available
  • MSAC (Migrant Student Advisory Council): This is a dropout prevention program for students in grades 9 – 12. Students meet two times per year to learn and practice leadership skills. Career information is provided by cooperating agencies.
  • Arkansas Migrant Education Leadership Academy – A weekend ExCel Challenge program for high school students to develop their leadership and teamwork skills.
  • CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program): The college assistance program for eligible students provides grant money for first year college expenses along with an academic tutoring program.
  • On Track to Success: An organizational/tracking plan to help all migrant students graduate from high school and successfully apply for scholarships and financial aid for their post-secondary education.
  • LEP/ESL Materials: LEP Packets contain English/Spanish language tapes, common phrases translation booklets, bilingual flash cards which help teachers communicate better through basic Spanish phrases.
  • Rosetta Stone Language Library: A computer-based English/Spanish program for learners from elementary through adult is available as a loan program. Written materials included in the program allow students to progress at an individual learning rate.
  • Out of School Youth: Dictionaries, hygiene products, ESL classes, computer training