Clarksville Middle School Menus

Clarksville School District recognizes the great deal of stress that families maybe experiencing during this time.

Clarksville School District will be providing free meals to any students under the age of 18

Meals will be handed out between 11:30-12:30

Monday – Friday

March 30th - May 15th

All meals will be served on a first come, first serve basis

A Grab-n-Go lunch will be provided along with a breakfast for the next morning at the following location


1801 Clark Road

Look for the BLUE pop up tent in the parking lot. This is a drive thru location and you will be asked to remain in your car with your students

You will be asked to pick up meals from the table under the BLUE tent.

Please practice social distancing when receiving meals

Times are approximate and flexible as we proceed

NO MEALS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON APRIL 17TH, This was a regularly scheduled day off from school